Let’s have a look at the review of Ganesha Fortune, an auspicious slot game made by the PG SLOT team to appeal to gamers who enjoy religious things.

It is a slot machine game infused with the spirit of India. And also make Ganesha the primary symbol of this slot game. Ganesha is the Hindu Brahmans’ god. which deity is revered as the god of wisdom, success, and good fortune? If Lord Ganesha is worshiped properly, it will result in prosperity in many areas, including job, health, finances, and even amassing a wealth.

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Therefore, the Ganesha Fortune slot machine game is a game that will provide players success, namely wealth that can be readily earned by playing this slot machine game. Lord Ganesha will bring prosperity and good fortune to everybody. The Ganesha Fortune slot machine game is a 5-row, 6-reel slot machine with an additional row at the top. Increase the number of slots on the second through fifth reels by one per reel. The total number of betting lines ranges from 2,025 and 32,400, depending on how to win in each line. The symbols must be next to one another or within three symbols.

The primary symbol of the slot game Ganesha Fortune.

The slot machine game Ganesha Fortune PNG SLOT has a total of eleven kinds of the main reward symbol. Immediately receives a payment according to the payout rate for that symbol Following is the payment rate for each symbol.

There is a maximum payout rate of 80 times for the cow icon.

There is a maximum payout rate of 50 times for the young guy icon.

There is a maximum payout rate of 40 times for the female icon.

There is a maximum payout rate of 30 times for the lantern symbol.

There is a maximum payout of 15 times for the steering wheel icon.

There is a maximum payout rate of fifteen times the wager.

The greatest payout rate for the letter A is 10 times.

The letter K has a maximum payout of ten times its value.

The letter Q has a maximum payout of four times its value.

The letter J has a maximum payout rate of four times.

The number 10 symbol can pay out a maximum of four times.

Other unique icons of the Ganesha Fortune slot

In addition to the standard reward symbols, Ganesha Fortune Free Trial features additional symbols that make the game easier to play. And for even more enjoyment, you may combine up to two kinds, each of which will have two symbols that aid in standard mode play. As well as the symbols utilized to activate the bonus game mode.

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Wild symbol

The Wild Symbol of the Ganesha Fortune slot game will be an image of Lord Ganesha with the word “WILD.” This symbol will have the ability to substitute for any regular reward symbols. However, it cannot replace more than one Scatter Symbol. If a wild symbol can replace for multiple winning symbols in a single hand, it can substitute for all symbols in that hand.

Scatter sign

The Ganesha Fortune game’s Scatter Symbol will be a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha and will contain the word “SCATTER.” Used to activate the Free Spins feature. Bonus Feature up to eight eyes, and if more than four Scatter Symbols appear, two more Free Spins are awarded for each additional Scatter Symbol. 1 picture


In addition to this game, there is a free fall system in which winning symbols are replaced by new symbols. Additionally, the Ganesha Fortune game has two extra elements that increase players’ odds of winning rewards. as well as win a higher sum of reward money The following are specifics for each feature.

The Wilds on the Way Function

The Wilds on the Way feature can randomly appear on reels 2 through 5 in all game settings. The game’s algorithm picks symbols at random to have a greater size. It occupies two to four vertical slot table squares. in addition to a silver frame If the symbol in the silver frame wins, the game system will create new symbols at random to replace it. Then turn the frame gold; if golden frames earn further rewards The symbol within the golden border will immediately transform into a big Wild symbol.

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Free Spins Bonus Feature

Free Spins Bonus Capability It can only be triggered by the appearance of four or more scatter symbols. Within the Free Spins Bonus Feature, all additional wins will be multiplied by three times. And each time the symbols in the gold frame receive compensation There will be a unique extra multiplier rate of 2x, 3x, and 4x sequentially based on the number of times consecutively the golden frame symbols have been given. If four or more Scatter Symbols appear during this extra feature, the Free Spins bonus mode will be reactivated for eight consecutive spins.

Consequently: Ganesha Fortune Slot Machine Game Review Free Demo

Ganesha Fortune slot game review is an online slot game created by PGSLOT to appeal to slot game enthusiasts. In addition to having specific attributes that make the game easier to play, Ganesha is said to bring good fortune, wealth, and prosperity to those engaged. It is also a slot machine game with more than 30,000 winning paylines. Ensure that the game is enjoyable, easy to play, and not tough to win. In addition, it is simple to play and make cash rapidly. Why are you holding out? You can apply for membership to play this game via the website or LINE@ if interested.